The History of Weddings - Nik Peachey
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The History of Weddings

By Nik Peachey

  • Release Date: 2016-02-03
  • Genre: Anglais


This lesson is based on an infographic about weddings, their history and some related customs and practices. 
In the lesson students will explore their opinions of weddings and marriage and discover some new information about the origins of various wedding customs. 
The aims of the lesson are:
To help students explore and articulate their existing opinions of marriage and weddings.
To help students understand and evaluate visual information.
To develop students’ abilities to check and evaluate the credibility of information.
To help students develop their abilities to carry out online factual research.
To help students develop the ability to synergise information from a range of sources and formulate written arguments around that information.

The materials in this plan can be used in different ways. The first four tasks can be used independently as a simple reading and discussion lesson. The final five tasks can be used selectively depending on the aims of your lesson.
This lesson contains nine tasks:
A discussion task which gets students thinking around the topic. 
A reading task which develops students’ abilities to scan text for specific information.
A reading task which encourages students to look more carefully at the information.
A discussion task which gives students the opportunity to formulate a personal response to the information they have studied.
A research task which gets students to explore the cost of weddings in their town.
A research task which gets students to check the validity of the information in the infographic.
A research task which gets students to check sources for additional information.
A research task which gets students to look for parallel information about divorce.
A social research task which gets students to create online questionnaires and analyze and formulate the results.